Garage Door Tune Up

A Comprehensive Guide to Performing a Garage Door Tune Up


For those who own a garage, the garage door is often one of the most important elements of the home. It provides a secure entry and exit point for vehicles, and it helps to protect items stored in the garage from potential damage or theft. To ensure that your garage door is functioning optimally, it is important to perform regular tune ups. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps for performing a garage door tune up.

I. Tools Needed for a Garage Door Tune Up

Before beginning the garage door tune up, it is essential to gather the right tools and materials. The most important items are a screwdriver, flashlight, and lubricant. Depending on the type of garage door, additional tools may be necessary. It is important to consult the garage door’s owner manual to determine the specific tools needed.

II. Preparing for a Garage Door Tune Up

Once the necessary tools have been gathered, it is important to ensure that the area around the garage door is clear. Any debris or clutter near the door should be removed before beginning the tune up. Additionally, the garage door should be disconnected from the opener before any work is done.

III. Inspecting the Garage Door

The next step is to inspect the garage door for any signs of damage or wear. This includes checking the door’s panels, weather stripping, springs, and tracks. If any of these components appear to be broken or worn, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

IV. Cleaning and Lubrication

After the inspection is completed, it is important to clean and lubricate the door’s components. This includes wiping down the tracks, springs, and panels with a damp cloth. A lubricant should then be applied to the tracks, hinges, and springs. This will help to prevent any squeaking or sticking as the garage door moves.

V. Adjusting the Garage Door

Once the cleaning and lubrication is finished, it is important to adjust the garage door. This includes tightening the screws and bolts that secure the door to the tracks, and adjusting the tension of the springs. The tension of the springs should be adjusted until the door is balanced and moves smoothly.

VI. Finishing the Garage Door Tune Up

Finally, the garage door should be reconnected to the opener and tested. The opener should be set to the correct settings, and the door should be tested to ensure that it opens and closes properly. If any issues are identified during the testing, they should be addressed before the tune up is completed.

By following these steps, home owners can ensure that their garage door is functioning properly and safely. A regular tune up can help to prevent major repairs down the line and keep the garage door functioning optimally.